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#WonderfulWednesday May 31, 2023

Well my Loves... we are almost at the halfway mark of 2023. Time goes by much faster as I get "OLD"er... so much going on lately and big ol yield signs all over with some roundabouts tossed in the travelling. Had my pre-op appointment today - gonna have to be off the foot for two weeks from the cyst with stitches and then of course the knee replacement with staples. It's been awhile since I had a nap and surgery - so I guess I'm doing pretty good. Hoping getting this knee fixed will help with one of my issues! I am so ready for it!

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I am not a social media fan... with that said, I do share and post A LOT! Just be aware that I am not all light & love; there is a dark side to life as well so be forewarned - there is going to be... foul language used. If you don't like it, please just scroll past; peanut gallery comments will be removed, you will be blocked. You have been warned!

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