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#WonderfulWednesday May 24, 2023

Hello Loves! Whew what a day! The 9to5 was BUSY!! I went for my labs and x-rays after; by the time I got back home I was even more pooped out! I finally managed to get the mail after a week. As usual, junk and bills. Although we did get a card from my folks and a grad announcement. So the only two pieces of mail that were worth anything.

#WonderfulWednesday today Loves!! Not a lot of wonderful but not all terrible. The little peaks of good in the day! What is you #WonderfulWednesday story? Fingers crossed, everyone is coming over for a cookout on Saturday - so hoping to see my grandson longer than a few minutes. Get some pics of him and stuff.

I put a lot of carnations on this one because it is my favorite flower - and that is an understatement! I LOVE carnations! I am always making sure I have vases all over the house full of carnations. One of the reasons is to ward off anything negative and break any hexes that anyone may try to toss our way. Granted, we have some big shit always tossed at us. I am a fairly strong witch, but when you have several coming at you, you can only fight so much off yourself. Not only that, other stressors, upcoming surgery, makes fighting off the shit a tad harder. So, the carnations make me happy and have so many cool colors, and I love the smell. So that's my #WonderfulWednesday - small but it is something that keeps me going.

ok Loves - that is all for today - the exhaustion is real - I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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