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#WonderfulWednesday June 21, 2023 #Litha #SummerSolstice

It's #WonderfulWednesday Loves! It is also #Litha and #SummerSolstice! So, let me start by saying, how #wonderful it has been since I changed my blogs to having to join! It has kept the annoying mother fuckers at bay! Talk about relief! I think I still have some blockages to work on - but so far it's been fantastic not having lurkers... one stressor kicked in the ass! For those that truly are interested in my musings, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I am not a social media fan... with that said, I do share and post A LOT! Just be aware that I am not all light & love; there is a dark side to life as well so be forewarned - there is going to be... foul language used. If you don't like it, please just scroll past; peanut gallery comments will be removed, you will be blocked. You have been warned!

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