#WonderfulWednesday July 6, 2022

I hurt. It is monsoon season here and add the high triple digit temps... greater than 5% humidity... and my body, joints, everything hurt. The thing is - I love that rainy weather. The thunder, the rain, the smell of the rain, the lightning... I was terrified of lightning and thunder when I was little. That lightning use to terrify me so much, especially after our neighbor's house just a few houses down got hit - twice - in the same spot. Now I really enjoy watching storms. I do miss some snow, especially for Christmas/Yule, but that's it! Yes, I did say Christmas, I was brought up in a Roman Catholic household and extended family. More of those stories when the time is appropriate. I also really love the crisp, cool air of autumn. The joy of growing up in the Mid-West, right on Lake Michigan.

Anywho, I hurt. Been binging on shows... I am now on Gilmore Girls. I did watch this awhile back when it was on television. Even the Mr. said he liked this when it was on - we watched Lucifer together... we use to have 90 Day Fiance Sundays together... Big Bang Theory... NCIS... yeah, we watch some stuff together. He's an alright guy LOL