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#WonderfulWednesday July 6, 2022

I hurt. It is monsoon season here and add the high triple digit temps... greater than 5% humidity... and my body, joints, everything hurt. The thing is - I love that rainy weather. The thunder, the rain, the smell of the rain, the lightning... I was terrified of lightning and thunder when I was little. That lightning use to terrify me so much, especially after our neighbor's house just a few houses down got hit - twice - in the same spot. Now I really enjoy watching storms. I do miss some snow, especially for Christmas/Yule, but that's it! Yes, I did say Christmas, I was brought up in a Roman Catholic household and extended family. More of those stories when the time is appropriate. I also really love the crisp, cool air of autumn. The joy of growing up in the Mid-West, right on Lake Michigan.

Anywho, I hurt. Been binging on shows... I am now on Gilmore Girls. I did watch this awhile back when it was on television. Even the Mr. said he liked this when it was on - we watched Lucifer together... we use to have 90 Day Fiance Sundays together... Big Bang Theory... NCIS... yeah, we watch some stuff together. He's an alright guy LOL

Next, inventory came in! Well, the Goddess T-Light candle statues came in!! I was getting worried for a bit that they wouldn't arrive. Got some stones in last week... my plain brown paper bags and sanitizer wipes came in today from Uline. Trying to figure out how to do the logo thing so I can get my printed bags - trying to prep for possible vendor shows. Annndddd of course I still have to order the banner, Ugh, yeah the other order... just trying to get some order up in the brain.

Ok, as usual I randomly ramble. But, it is time for me to say good night, as I need some rest for my work day tomorrow. Oh I have my Hematology appointment tomorrow too - hopefully labs come in before the appointment tomorrow - good thing I changed it to a telehealth! Til later all!

Rowan Pearl

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