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#WinningWednesday February 1, 2023

Blessed Imbolc in the north and Blessed Lammas in the south! The forst month of 2023 is gone already! Dude, I still feel like the 9to5 is still killing me... I would be so glad to go back to my normal hours but the horrible mess that was left, took all of us left to clean it up and finally get it pretty stabilized. Now to just get competent people in because my ass cannot take duds anymore. Like, these are grown people that seriously need to grow the fuck up and not shit on others. Ugh it's been a while since I have been pissed with a being. I have enough chaotic shit going on in my personal life and I don't need to add work shitshow to it. Grrr.... anyway...

I had my radiation treatment today, so fingers crossed this helps. I had an attack yesterday at work and it had me in tears, not quite on my knees - but I was crying. Here's hoping the radiation works and brain surgery is not needed!

s usual, with this bi polar weather - my body just doesn't know what the fuck to do... hurt and put it at a level 9 or bother and stay at a 7... no clue how it works - waiting for my next numbers with the hematologist and hope they are getting better... had a vein blowout during my iron infusion - that is still a recovery in process... I just want to have more energy and less exhaustion so I can get on these vendor shows!

Speaking of vendor shows... I finally have a list and now I just have to see when they are and what is worthwhile going to. I'm just not feeling the ETSY store right now - lots of whiners and I just need that break. I made mistakes sending painted wheels to a couple of folks when they ordered plain - one person came to me and we worked it out - another made a ridiculous post - granted gave it 5 stars but a whole paragraph of not being mad but wanted to paint it themselves... well of course did that person contact me - nope - and then to assume someone else got a plain one - like don't buy from me anymore - thanks for the 5 stars but the rant was not needed. Eventually, folks will find out I don't put up with this kind of shit - I don't need it and if you don't like it then don't buy from me. I won't cry about it - trust me. Why you ask? Because I don't need the stress. I have health issues and the whiny shit is not needed - especially if you didn't even try to come to me so I can rectify it. Chances are you will end up being blocked from buying from me again. I have boundaries, and I stick to them. Probably why they tell me to be nice at my 9to5 LMAOOO

ok my loves, thank you for checking in - eventually I will get this going more often, but I am trying. I love you all, Til later, and Blessed Be!

Happy Birthday February Peeps!!

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