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#WhackedUpWednesday December 21, 2022

I go from teamwork Tuesday to a totally fucked up and whacked up Wednesday... JFC on a Cross. Like seriously - the gross ugliness is unreal - the entitlement of beings is off the fucking charts and my limit was hit today. For those that don't know me, I will not and do not tolerate liars, hypocrites, and plan flat out rude ass beings. If I could have said something back, I would have been fired today so I had to hold it in. I will have to go to HR about the situation because it went over the mark for my mental health and the entitlement stunk. I am still fuming pissed at the mess I have to walk into tomorrow and it seems like it was done in spite. And that shit doesn't fly... I have enough psychopathic beings outside of the 9to5 to deal with - I certainly do not need it the 9 to 10 hours I work. Rant #1 done... for now.

At least I finally got meds to help with all the pain... for now. I have the mapping mask for my radiation treatment in January and the special MRI then Feb 1st is the tentative radiation date. If it doesn't work within eight months, then it is brain surgery... so here's hoping it works! I certainly don't need any additional stress considering the shit show going on at this point.

So I ran a sale today and a few orders came through so I will work on those this weekend. Hubby has a coworker asking about some help - waiting for one last thing to come in so I can continue with a palo santo spray and other room sprays. Definitely gonna need some resin therapy this weekend! Paint some wheels... my energy is just being sucked out of me - too many energy vampires.

So the last thing is a HUGE rant - once again, I did not want to even bring this up but since hubs and I keep getting attacked, I figure it's got to come to light since they have us blocked still but continue to say shit - so here goes! And it is not nice but again... needs to be addressed and hopefully the last time - this is getting old. I'm tired again of all the lies being told - but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Also, mental health is not a joke. If you are in a situation there is no shame in seeking mental health assistance. It is always best to reach out for help regardless of the shit situation. I would expect to see a visit...

Once again, it's quite sad you cannot leave well enough alone. Go ahead and send the gifts back - we will give them to your great-nephew from you - and still waiting for the return to sender for the card. You are funny. I love your stories as you are a great writer... tugging at people's heartstrings with your numerous lies. Your brother tried to reach out numerous times and all you did was bring the convo back to me and insult me over and over. I don't know what your obsession and jealousy is with me but you seriously need some mental health help... oh but if you do that you won't be seen as stable for the kids by the state... I'm tired of you bashing us and your side eye remarks. You want to be left alone? I've been trying since 2017 to be rid of you all and yet you all continue and D telling R for me to shut up? Ha! It's a two way street sweetpea. You think your life was turned upside down before? I have the ammo to hand the state... all the screen shots and your latest bit of obsessively checking my website and going as far as to put a spoofer on your phone to change your location? See screenshots and now using a Chinese VPN to divert your snooping? My site isn't even available in China! That's how you all work... divert your wrongdoings and make it look like its others. When will you learn? You are sick my dear... to go to that length to try and hide your snooping... i swear to the universe L, I will send everything to the state that I have... your pot pics, telling people how to beat a piss test, and the extent you are going to hide the fact that you are literally stalking me. I have ignored you and yet you continue to want to be me, copying me, and not leaving me alone. Try me... I'm done and R finally realized the extent of disregard for his side of things... and he didn't call cps despite your lies that he did... he threatened but didn't make the call... you need to let us be dead to you and get help... every time my phone pings that I have a site visitor I'll check if it's you and add it to the ammo for the state showing your psychotic behavior... leave us alone and you won't hear a damn thing. Go live your miserable and trauma filled life and be done with us once and for all. If any of your family and friends truly love and care about you they will tell you to stop, leave it alone, and get help, otherwise you are their entertainment. I am begging you... get mental health help ASAP. Happy holidays.

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