#WackyWednesday July 27, 2022

Made three times around the block today. My knees were screaming! Along with my ankles, legs, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers... well, you get the point. I have to get the nerve test done again for my cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel. It's called an EMG test... you get tiny needles stuck in various places in your arms and hands, and electric is sent and something measured with the nerves. SO electric and needles. Fun stuff! I need it done for a baseline again before my anticipated nerve surgery... I was suppose to have two years ago. Then, eventually have my follow up with my spine doc for the neck surgery. More to come on that one!

I have been searching for true apothecary cabinets... even old card catalog units. Trying to keep an eye out for awesome furniture pieces. I have a mantle piece and vanity with a mirror out in the garage waiting to be painted. I have a nice mirror I can redo also for the store. I really should check for storefronts again... I will need to make sure I can have a closed off room or two for the relaxation rooms. Also, vendor shows... I told my daughter I was getting things together to be able get in the vendor circuit again and her face lit up! She was like, "Let me know I want to go! It's a part of my childhood memories!" Can I just say my heart swelled up! It just makes me more excited she wants to hang out with me - It may not be food but it will be fun!