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I'm still learning all of this and forgot to schedule this Tuesday Tid-Bit post! I'm human in addition to being a witch, and we all know humans are definitely not perfect! The difference is who can take responsibility for their errors... So, what do you want to know? What do you want to share? The great part of this is being open minded and wanting to learn. I love learning and always find myself learning from others with things I don't know. A Tuesday tid-bit from me is to make sure you are being true to you. As I tend to tell a lot of folks: You do you! Talk to me! Maybe I should call it Talk to me Tuesdays! Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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I am not a social media fan... with that said, I do share and post A LOT! Just be aware that I am not all light & love; there is a dark side to life as well so be forewarned - there is going to be... foul language used. If you don't like it, please just scroll past; peanut gallery comments will be removed, you will be blocked. You have been warned!

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