Another week started! Today's tid-bit... I use to work at a local zoo. Yes, it was a small zoo but I had a huge job and that job was dependent on my performance. I was chosen for a pilot program at a local zoo back in 1996. I was just out of my first year of college at Purdue University and landed a seasonal pilot position at the local zoo. I was given a list of things they wanted done, given an old elephant building, cleaned it up, made flyers without a computer but with a typewriter and a lot of taping! My end of season report needed to show that it was going to be a worthwhile position to keep at the zoo on a full time basis. This was the beginning of me realizing, I can take nothing and make something AMAZING out of it! This was the beginning for me but I didn't read the signs. It would take another decade before I got a damn good shove and 2017 was "THE" year. SO am I new to witchery? To a point yes, but a lot comes natural to me. What is your Tuesday Tid-Bit? Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl