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#TuesdayTasks March 28, 2023

Oh boy... so I almost missed my GI appt while on a call with the funeral home to get the news that they were recording the service, so I was so happy they were able to do that. My DM said they mentioned the arrival of my grandson as they named everyone. It makes me happy they included him, I know Grandma was excited to meet him, but I know she will watch over him and all of us. I'm sure she's having a blast playing Bingo, Yahtzee, card games, and all the like on the other side. I was thinking back to my Unicorn of Joy watching over me and I kept thinking I need a name for her... V names were sticking in my head, Veronica... no... Victoria.... no... Vivian.... YES!!! DH even asked how I came up with that name and it was one of those things she guided me to. I can't explain it. I still thought about how my DH needed that reading so much. Maybe it will help light a fire under him. I have some inkling of hope somewhere after 30 years it may be in there.

I finally got stuff loaded in the system and updated (for the most part) - that took almost the whole last half of today - but at least it's done and ready for Saturday. Now I need to make sure to work on some more stuff for the show... I'm kinda nervous since its been so long. But yet I am excited and hoping to get this part of my business up and going. It's my ultimate goal to get that store open!

So I am working with Noom again and a couple other apps to see what works for me - Noom is pretty darn close to what I like using - I just have to do it. I'm sure once I get the gut working properly and get medical shit situated, I feel like i can do it. I just need this damn stress to go down! I can tell that work is part of the reason for me still having SOB and chest pain/tightness... and the beginning of blooming isn't helping much either... I will be so glad when I can feel better - so I am really gonna work this being healthier. Wish me luck!

OK enjoy the pic dump! I love you - Til later and Blessed Be! RP

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