Yeah, so the last word is bold.... makes absolutely no sense... and describes my day. It wasn't terrible as much but it was on the weighted side of good. I "broke" systems at work LMFAO - not really but literally one system after another was having issues. Then there was a fiasco with meds/pharmacies for my kid. Then I planted a bunch of cacti pieces and got a blister on my thumb. Then the kids were having a D&D game (we didn't know about) which is cool. Took my daughter home from her surgery, packed up all my work stuff and took them to my daughter's apt so I can help my patients and my daughter. Then a long weekend! I get to work in the biz!! Then if there is time left, social medias... a Patreon...packages on the sites ... lots of ideas!!!

I'm so tired. And I hear the fireworks already...anyway, have a fantastic night! Til later and Blessed Be!