#ThrillingThursday July 21, 2022

Wahooooooo! Ask and you shall receive! Whether we realize it or not, we are manifesting all the time. I manifest consciously in my daily offering, BUT I manifest unconsciously too. We all do. How many times do we start off and say "Today is going to be great!", then some asshat comes along and ruins the morning very first thing? It's easier to be mad at someone who "wronged" us. So we sit and stew instead of stopping to breathe, gather thoughts, and tell ourselves it is going to be ok and a great day. Then, you get a notice of an unplanned meeting in 15 minutes and your phone rings and as you pick it up, you hear screaming and hootin' and hollerin' because someone can't read the directions properly, now you get mad again because this asshat is a fucking idiot. And, well, you get where this is going. Eventually, we come to that "fuck it" point. The day then sucks ass and you can't wait to get out and go home to eat and binge movies. Definitely not healthy. But we are all smart, we know that, so why do we do it? I have no idea.

All, I know is it takes time to change that process. It takes you recognizing that it is unhealthy behavior and