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#ThirstyThursday October 20, 2022

Whew! What a week! The 9to5 had me in office two whopping days this week.... never again two days in a row. Getting up at 3 am to be out the door at 4 am to be there at 5 big ol monkey balls. Been busy as usual with "stuff" and doing some OT for the 9to5 because we are in renewal season! That means all of the specialty medications for all the clinics are coming to expire and I get to go through and renew them all. I thought my cubital and carpal tunnel was bad, but it is going to be worse once it is over. Not to mention the birthday season starts soon too! Three months of birthdays and holidays... it takes me the whole year to prep for these three months. Crazy!

Coming up on Samhain soon. Got candy for the kids... tested out my outfit at work to wear the night of trick-or-treating. I'll have to get the work pics. For once I actually had fun with work!

Gonna check out some estate sales with a co-worker this weekend! Also, have the online auction going on. I have fun finding the "treasures" from others. There's some furniture I have been looking for and there's some in the online auction and at one of the sales! Hoping some of the items at the estate sales are still there on Saturday! High hopes LOL

Ok, so random pics will be posted... some new items have been ordered. Once they get here I'll see if they are worth putting in the store. I really hope so because they look pretty cool.

Til later Loves and Blessed Be!


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