#ThankfulThursday May 5, 2022

Whoops! Missed my #WackyWednesday post yesterday, but life happens right? So, I have been contending with this dental thing and that has (unfortunately) been taking over life at the moment. But I have to be thankful for the dentist I found and his office. This office is excellent! They all have been so patient with the issues that I have been having, and for being a new patient, they make me feel welcome and really care. It is so difficult to find great providers and when I find one, I keep them. I am very picky with my health care for a reason and am extremely thankful for my health care team.

Next, I am thankful for my husband, our kids (yes, they are still my kids even though they are going on 24 and 21), my parents, my friends that are my family. I pray for them each and every day that they receive positive abundance and are staying safe and healthy. This is part of my ritual every day to pray for them. This world is such a sad place and if I can pray for my loved ones daily, I will do that. I cannot express how much I love the folks I have in my life. My circle is very small, but it is full of support and love. For that, I am thankful!