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#ThankfulThursday May 4, 2023

Ok, so let's get it out of the way - May the 4th be with you LOL - I personally prefer the other one I saw - May the 4th Bewitch you, so I'll stick to that one LOL. I did see a friend share another funny meme that said others: may the 4th be with you; my Catholic ass: and also with you. Sometimes things remind me of my Catholicism days. I can probably still recite an entire mass minus the readings. I never realized how much fear is used in organized religion until I got older. One of the things I am thankful for: waking up. And that can be still waking up in the morning as well as realizing the shitstorm rolling all around us - MSM, politics, religion, drugs, health care, etc.

Speaking of health... for once my labs were normal all down the line. Ironically, my thyroid is all inflamed - explains the ping pong ball in my throat. Ok get the jokes out now... har har... also the headaches lately have been different and hurt - but I'm also due for my Botox soon. Have a head to pelvis MRI scheduled soon. I am really hoping I can possibly get answers.

Today the weather here was really cool - like temperature cool - and windy. I was freezing on my morning walk and again, didn't help the head any. So here I sit, writing my Loves my musings, in bed... ready to crash and let the head rest. On that note...

I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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