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#SundaySpender November 27, 2022

Ahhh yes.... I have been a tad bit under the weather as of late - due to some serious medical problems... nothing like coming close to your own mortality then wondering how to rearrange things I want to do in life. I still will not make amends to the asshats that were in my life. Their loss... BUT I will be sure to stand my ground more, be even more honest (brutal or otherwise), and just fucking enjoy life! I have a grandbaby on the way... I have plans for vendor shows in 2023... and no mater who tries to keep throwing shit my way, again, I may suffer but I wont go... not yet anyway.

So, I have now been amusing myself with an auction house that is local. I have been searching for Victorian type furniture and have been outbid numerous times - too rich for my bank account. But yesterday I FINALLY won some pieces!! I can't wait to start working on them! Hubby's garage keeps getting filled up... but I have plans for the items! You may even see them in my ETSY store! Stay tuned!

How was your Thanksgiving? DH had to work - DS and GF went to see her family - DD and her BF came by and helped cook since I have to now be extremely cautious. Otherwise, it was pretty chill. Kids are home and now is the time for changing into the Yule/Christmas vibes.

I have more to say but I am too tired - too much moving about today and I overdid it causing the medical issue to spring up. Enjoy the photo dump! Love you, Til later and Blessed Be!


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