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#SundaySelfCare August 7, 2022

I didn't exactly sleep in much this morning, nor did I go for my am walk. But, got some dishes done and started to make bulk powders. Since my cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel have gotten worse, it is really difficult to use the mortar and pestle. Hubs says use the grinder or processor - of course my preference is to hand crush and mix. I have my stubborn ways too, not just him! I like to think I have better passive aggressive ways LOL. Those get utilized more often than I would like but eventually shit get done and I don't have to yell, piss, and moan about it.

SO I wanted to do a re-introduction of sorts. I am Rowan Pearl - some say it is my alter ego - I can't disagree with them, but I also WANT to be Rowan Pearl. Legally, my name is Michele. For all intensive purposes, when I write, I write as Rowan Pearl. Working as Rowan Pearl is where my dream lies, I am in a happy space, I love what I do, and even try to get Rowan Pearl nicely intertwined in my 9to5 life in the legal world. It adds some fun and spice to the day!

Yes, I have a full time 9to5 in the health care industry. More specifically, the pHARMaceutical industry. You will find, I post a lot of things against the pHARMaceutical industry; this is my 20th year working in the industry. I hate it. I left it for a few years due to my own illnesses, and dreaded the fact of going back to work in pHARMacy. I went back to retail, for two whole months and said fuck this shit. The public can be so horrible, insulting, judgemental, dickwad asshats. ESPECIALLY, when they do not understand the inner workings of things and refuse to hear anything out. It's that privilege mindset & attitude that they are owed for whatever it is that is making their life miserable. I was able to get out of the public view and work a position manufacturing IV bags of drugs. I had to gown up daily, as I worked with others in clean rooms because it all has to be sterile. Well, I blew out a disc in my neck and was told by the docs I can never do that job again. So I then went into animal pharmacy in a warehousing pHARMacy environment. Well, my neck didn't blow out but my arms got worse AND I had emergency kidney stone surgery. Needless to say, I knew my time was short there and found a place that was doing virtual interviews. I applied... had my interview... got hired the next day.

This position couldn't have come at a better time! I was working from home, no going into an office (it was still under construction) and I was learning a new aspect to pHARMacy. I didn't have to worry about people belittling me, breading me, and well, being abusive to me. It wasn't a physical job so my body could recover (or so I thought)! I am celebrating two years this month with this company and all I can say, is keep trying to get me out! I do like what I do, I like what this company does and stands for. They worked with me every time I had a major health issue arise. I have NEVER had any job in my entire life of working for 30 years work with me when I was sick without some kind of hook. Anyway, this place is gonna have to fire me, LOL.

I am married to my hubs from high school. While we had a split for nine years, we remarried in 2012. But, of course with the kids, we never really left each other a whole lot. This year is 30 years together (9/11/1992) and 25 years married (10/8/1997). I drive him nuts, he drives me nuts, but we manage to make it work. At this point, neither of us puts up with a lot of shit from each other and others. We do encourage each other in our work, playtime, and whatever else comes our way. He knows as I have gotten more in tune with my spirituality, I won't put up with shit from anyone and I let it be known. I tend to be blunt and spew facts, and those facts tend to piss others off. Yeah well, then all I can say is think before you speak!

Which leads me to my next part of my life, my Grandmothers. I have both still alive, one just turned 94 yesterday. I send her cards and let her know we are thinking of her and she sends cards back. My other grandma will be 94 in January, and I send her cards but I never hear back. Long family story on that one. Brings me to the whole, you never know what is going to happen when. I have hope to see her again once more... I really want the kids to see her too.

Now some fun facts...

  • My entire immediate family's (and hubby's) birthdays are between November 9th and January 14th. It starts with both of our Dads on November 9th (different years); then hubs on December 4th, I am December 7th, my sister is December 19th, our son is December 23rd, our daughter is January 12th, and my Mom is January 14th! Needless, to say, with all the birthdays and celebrations, we need to save up the whole year just to make it through three months! And no, our kids had separate birthdays and holiday celebrations. We NEVER combined their birthdays, so our son always had days of opening gifts.

  • My first paranormal experience was about five or six years old. It was terrifying and my first experience of what my life would be like. It's all in your head, be quiet, don't say anything, sit and don't move.... basically denying anything that happened that couldn't be explained. My next was shortly after and involved family and a Ouija board. Yeah, not fun. Then I found out we have a haunted house in the family! Oh how I wish I could get into that house and explore!

  • My one Grandfather hangs around us. After he passed, we had strange things happening in our kids bathroom. Once I acknowledged him (after the faucet turned on in their bathroom) the happenings stopped. But we see shadows in our new place. I have several of my grandfather's belongings, we have some of hubs family heirlooms (blankets) and see some of his family's shadows around the house. Those that have the ability to see more than we can ask all the time if we have family hanging around. Yes, so if you see shadows here, don't worry, it's family and nothing malicious here.

  • I was always more spiritual than religious; I was raised Roman Catholic. I hated it when I was old enough to realize that institution. I watch others still working to impress those they don't know. Yeah, fuck that shit... I'll worry about others when they pay my bills on a regular basis. If you don't like what I say or do, keep scrolling. Block me on social media and quit reading my website/blog. At least others are worried about what I'm doing... not my monkey, not my circus.

  • I have an Associate in Business Mgmt from Purdue; I have a Diploma as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner; Certificates in Holistic Nutrition, Urban Farming and Conscious Living, and Life Coach; and a Bachelors in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. Far cry from pHARMacy and the occult right?

Ahhhhhh! A surprise! One of my inventory orders just arrived!! I am so excited! So, I shall end here so I can get restocks and new items on the store! Check it out!

Til later Loves and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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