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#SundaySelfCare August 14, 2022

I feel off today. Can't explain it all but I know what some of the triggers are. I need my son's help to calm those triggers. I have also saged and palo santo'ed the house. It isn't getting it all but it already has gone down some. I am wanting to work on business stuff but my arms, elbows, wrists and hands still are not working really well. And not to mention I don't want to have a migraine start up again...

Yesterday, Bubby and I went to see a medical office building for lease. Location is great - easy in and out and even a back way to leave and head to stop lights in either direction. On Bell Rd not far from the 303. It is one of the more expensive sites on the list but it already has security cameras up all we would need to do is get them activated, it has several exam rooms, and they said they could knock walls out and make two rooms into one room - and there is a possibility of expanding also and adding more space. So all in all not a bad visit - I am curious about the other places we have on the list to see.

I was up early as usual, thanks internal alarm clock. So I started painting the bookcases with one of the paints out in the garage. Doesn't look too bad but it is taking it's toll. I need to get my sigils on those too - tying to think that I can use some of the stickers I had gotten for resin projects to decorate the bookcases. Subtle decoration as those will be holding merch. I sit and look at the mirrors left to paint, the vanity/desk, an end table and mantle. I really want to make sure I get that mantle to pop! I'm thinking all black with silver and hints of purple! Now to bring it to fruition!

Poor Clover tore up her ligaments in her knee... at least the leg wasn't broken but she is my gimpy dog... hobbling on three legs. She's like the kids though - won't just chill and rest. Have to be careful and watch her around Anna and especially Dora... they like to play with her and she is definitely not in playing condition!

I will stop here since it is 12:30 and hope all this saves so I can post it later today LOL - wish me luck!

So it stormed! We got rain, some little thunder and lightning. And the sun came out in time to start setting. Just me and the pups... chilling out. Watching Bridgerton... still pondering on how and what to do and work on next. Got the second coat on the bookcases and first on one mirror. I have new books to read - I just want time - time to complete projects. I suppose that's where "scheduling" my time would help. I'll work on it - in the meantime til later Loves and Blessed Be! Rowan Pearl

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