#StartOverSunday May 22, 2022

Whewwwwwww!!! Holy shit! Every time I try to get things going something says, "Hold my beer" and I get whacked! So, it is this tooth saga... 2nd implant put in and it is all cocked up because my body is like Nope, not gonna happen. My dentist isn't going to want to see me for regular check ups at this point LOL.... The other issue is the 9 to 5 and the house being all disheveled. If you have some OCD issues, you will understand. Shit is everywhere, dust, dog hair, shoes, tools... my OCD has been in overdrive and I just want the floors done...

So, that's why it is #StartOverSunday today! Don't stop, keep going and change plans... nothing is written in stone with our future - it's what we make of it and how we can overcome obstacles. Yesterday, I was truck shopping with my son, today I'm in bed typing this and trying to mind over matter the pain I am in right now.

More great news! I got some trial tarot and oracle cards in - not the nice, stiff cardstock ones, but the tiny flexible cardstock. I actually like them as a stand in for a reasonable price. Even an inexpensive option for those just starting out in their journey! I also got something I have been wanting for some time - an Evercrumbly & Witc