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#SpecialSunday December 11, 2022

First and foremost, thank you each and everyone of you that takes the time to visit this site, despite lack of... well stuff. I am trying to make it my goal to get back to daily musings - which as you all know are such a range of things - it keeps it interesting! Some visitors keep entertaining me as I continue making my valid point that I have zero interest but apparently my life is to them so let's see if it continues once again. It did this morning... let's see if it works again tomorrow!

I unmoulded the resin therapy I poured yesterday... because I am trying to use up the hardener from a crappy set with resin from another set - they are taking longer to set up and solidify. But I was totally stoked with one piece I poured which was the mantle clock. Just have to figure out how to get it all put together and do the next one even better!

Then I started to make the sage protection sprays. Had to use some of my math skills from my hospital pharmacy days LOL - oh the memories. As I was doing the math I was drawn to my one Heckete statue I have. I am drawn to her, have been but when I got this particular statue, the symbols on her are all that I have been and am in my life. Folks wonder why I changed, maybe it is the pharmacy and alchemy interest. I love it. So, again, the path I took and continue to take is my new life. Anywho, it turns out I had to order more EOs to make more of the sprays - I got at least one small batch done. More to come on that! I used a lot of energy just for that one batch and it wore me out.

I have been much more weak with the wonderful health issues, so I have to take time to get things done. This first batch is a powerful protection one with all the ingredients and energy put into it. So it won't have to be sprayed a lot to do it's job.

Now to rant a bit... anyone who is pathetic enough to steal shit at the holidays from those that work their asses off to get their rewards, may you all get what is coming to you. It may not be today, tomorrow, or next week but when you get it, you are gonna get fucked hard and dry. Period.

Whew, now that that's out of the way. I have to prep for my 9to5 early and then a dental appt which I am dreading. DS is having his surgery tomorrow, lease keep him in your thoughts that it doesn't fail this time and all goes well. Poor kid is too old to be having these surgeries.

Til later, I love you all, and Blessed Be!


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