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#SmallBusinessSaturday August 6, 2022

#SellItSaturday and I had a whole big blog ready to go and of course, the autosave, didn't auto save and I couldn't hit publish. I tell ya, when I actually have a good one something always happens and it gets lost. Grrrrrrr... so the short version - I have some new health things going on and have to rearrange meds, get new meds, get rid of meds, eating better, exercise more. Blah, blah, blah....

I have some restocks and new items on order! Be on the lookout for: Rough Citrine druze chunks; Ammonite; Selenite sticks; Brazilian Amethyist clusters; Citrine clusters; tumbled Labradorite; Mexican Fluorite chunks; mini Natural Geode halves; rough black Tourmaline; mini Desert Rose stone; rough & tumbled Sunstone; tumbled Lepidolite; rough Peacock Ore; rough, tumbled, & tower Golden Healer stones; Hemp hippie necklace for stones; tumbled Flame stone; rough Sapphire mini nuggets; and tumbled Fluorite.

I am going to do a re-introduce myself tomorrow and do a #SelfCareSunday and try to sleep in - well, as long as the four-legged fuzzy kids let me sleep in before they start running back and forth and whining for their dental treat. Ideas?

Before this craps out on me again, Til later Loves, and Blessed Be!


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