#SmallBizSaturday July 30, 2022

Well, once again I am sitting in the bedroom, binging Gilmore Girls still, going in and out of consciousness - ok napping from the pain of the weather and such... it feel like Pennsylvania weather with the horrible humidity. I definitely am not one for the rain and humidity. I'll take rain and the storms, humidity not so much.

I can type better at this point so I wanted to at least provide a little bit of something for you all! So, there is a sale going on at the Apothecary; 25% off for LAMMAS2022 this weekend only! Wheels are on order and shipped - just waiting for them to arrive. I have some stones on order: smaller desert rose stones, tumbled and rough Sunstone; tumbled Lepidolite, rough peacock ore, tumbled and rough golden healer; tumbled flame stone (new); rough sapphire mini nuggets (new); tumbled fluorite; golden healer points; and finally hemp hippie necklaces.