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#SmallBizSaturday April 8, 2023

Flash Sale!!!! 25% off!!! April 8th-10th, 2023 Code: SPRING2023

Hello my Loves!! Today was a total lazy day! Well, other than taking miss Pandora to the vet for allergy meds. It has been a long time since I was this lazy and chill - and it feels fucking awesome!! Been binging shows that I had no idea was being recorded on the DVR I didn't know we had LMAOOOOOO... so I worked Stacey & Darcey and now catching up on My Big Fat Life. I'll have to see what else ended up taping. But it feels good!

I was just telling DH I wanted to break into another realm for the biz and a book I pre-ordered arrived and I just got to look at it today. Some really cool ideas!! While I loathe pHARMacy that I work in my 9to5; I love chemistry/science and my background in pHARMacy allows me to work on the holistic end and make "potions" (insert cackle). I am excited to try some more stuff out.

I am finally having a sale in the shop. Things have been so crazy lately and just such a whirlwind from finally getting in the vendor circuit to family death. See above for the sale info.

Ok Loves... I love you, Til later and Blessed Be!


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