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#SleepySaturday February 11, 2023

Hello my Loves!! This witch is beat! Been pulling 45 - 50 hours a week at the 9to5... I think I have been working more hours than my supervisor! Still in busy renewal season; for our hospital anyway. I swear I cannot catch a break it seems and I am getting mentally and physically exhausted. Most of you that order from my store ( ) have seen it has been in vacation mode. I finally got the last order out and had to take a break. Between the PE, DVT, and radiation, my body is in need of rest. I am trying to get some of the sprays completed and in the shop along with other items that have been here patiently waiting.

Lots of stuff coming up... baby shower... Riverdance with DD... more doctor appointments... more in office days... the area being a mess due to the Super Bowl being about 30 or so minutes away... yeah, I'll continue to stay home for the weekend.

Speaking of weekends... I have finally been getting vendor events written down and finding out which ones I would be "allowed" to sell at because some places say "Christian only items" no dream catchers, or occult items. Eh well, the joy of organized religion! One sided - judgemental - their rules. That's fine - tells me which ones to stay away from.

So DH and I went to the Polish market yesterday. Cute little store. Got some cherry wine, homemade pierogies (made exactly like how my Grandma and great-Grandma made them), Polish sausage and peppers, dill pickle soup (I have never had it but got some), potato cake, kolaczki, and so much more. I was sad they were out of walnut filled nut roll and poppy seed but it's close and I can always go another time. DD and her SO went there when I found out about it and they were just as enthralled with the food. Next weekend is the Polish Festvial so gonna try to go with DD since she wants to go to that. Kinda reminds me of the Celtic Fest we always went to back in PA.

So at the bin places, I got an Instant Vortex and it is definitely getting its use! I miss going to the bin places but in due time we will be able to go again. Trying to get bills paid since I have the OT currently. Well, pay off credit cards anyway. That would definitely make for paying all the other bills off faster. Eventually, open that store and I am really aiming for this year - hopefully doing vendor shows will add to that dream!

Ok my loves, I must do more laundry, I love you all, Til later, and Blessed Be! Be safe and enjoy the weekend!


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