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#SellingSaturday March 11 2023

Hello my Loves!! Such a busy week! The 9to5 is suppose to slow down but my clinic alone is still hoppin like crazy! Luckily, I have a fantastic co-worker that now shares the workload with me and I don't know how I would handle it without her! I had 16 ish appeals to do and got them down to 7 yesterday while DF handled the daily clinic stuff. She is so phenomenal and a great friend to have!

Today marks two years that I had gotten to fulfill a dream of mine - owning a BMW. I still love getting in it and looking at it - call me weird but this is a decades long goal of mine and to make it - feels fucking fantastic! I tell everyone I can - NEVER give up on your dreams!! It goes along with us packing up and moving with a 5x8 trailer across the US, with only necessities, going to a place we never have been to, and rented a house sight unseen. Talk about fucking scary BUT it has been the best thing for me. Well, up until this past month with the damn cold I moved away from - I mean snow in Scottsdale?!?!? I collected a second snow in jars since we lived at this house - yes the jars are in the garage freezer. Not to mention - second dream was getting a house!

Today was the community yard sale and it gave me and DH a trial run getting stuff set up for future vendor shows. It was helpful between, setting the pop up tent and the mesh sides, working the new credit card system, and the wagons with the merch. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reactions to my store items. I was asked if I was a witch, if I did seances, tarot readings, the whole 9 yards! Gave out business cards... pretty much had a great time. I am literally exhausted right now - but it was an awesome day and trial run!

Ok Loves - I am pooped - enjoy the pic dump! I love you - Til later - Blessed Be!


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