#SelfCareSunday June 26, 2022 Happy Stitch Day

So, I am trying to figure out how to work stuff... some days it may be a pic others it may be paragraphs of rambles. At any rate I am human and for what is left of my soul living in this physical form, I will express and share, I will put myself out there and I will do what I can to help others. So one of the daily things I would read while I worked a previous 9to5 is Healing Energy Tools. Their daily postings always resonated with me and I want to post their daily musing. So I did that then also had to put in Stitch Day today 6.26 - then I wanted to work on my self care. I have A LOT of work in that area still! So there's a non-makeup pic, my green tea mask pic with my WTF lines showing (Botox is wearing off - explains why I have been fighting the headaches and migraines more recently), and with makeup on the only way I know how to do it.