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#ScarySunday October 30, 2022

Blessed Samhain Eve and Happy Halloween Eve! Entering the busy season at the 9to5 and of course politics in full force... I want to watch my shows on tv but every fucking commercial is a political one... I'm so sick and tired of it. I'll be glad when this is over. Puts too much negativity in the air... I'd rather hear ads saying what good these politicians do instead of bashing and didn't do. Anyway, I digress...

I am getting my dry hands now since we have dropped in temps here - not see your breath temps - but cold! My dad turns 71 in just 11 days. My mom follows suit in January. I think about this a lot especially being across the land from them, knowing health issues, and that they have the new generation on the way. Also, sadness rears it ugly head in the family. I will explain at a later time when appropriate. It's been difficult to be on the positive side recently due to health issues continuing, new ones arising, and now the start of the personal busy season (birthdays & holidays). I really want to focus on my passion, my journey... so once again, I am working on myself and my needs & wants.

I have been again having so many ideas wandering through my head, got some items that I think would be fantastic adds to the store. Working on baby stuff, organizing the house up, resin molds I want to use...

Alas, my head is pounding, my body is in pain so I will stop here for now. Enjoy the plethora of pics. As always you can find me on FB page, business FB page, fun witchy FB page, and Market Vendor FB page. And as always the ETSY store.

Til Later and Blessed Be!


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