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#MundaneMonday March 27, 2023

Hello my Loves! Ugh, I don't know where to even start...

Well, today certainly wasn't mundane but that's what popped in this chaotic brain of mine. So, my grandmother passed away on March 23rd. It is so tough because it happened so suddenly. I mean she was 94 heading on 95 in August. I was hoping for our grandson to be able to see at least one of my grandparents. I can always hold out hope for my entrapped grandma in the Carolina area... my heart hurts. I can't be there because of my health with the blood clots and stuff. Just disappointing I can't get someone to Zoom her service for me or the funeral home to stream for me. I don't get how they all use to during the pandemic but can't now... just like my PCP office still makes you wear a mask but you cannot do telehealth any longer. I don't get it - anyway - I digress. I will miss her but will teach DGS how to play Yahtzee, Uno, bingo and all kinds of games.

Today I cleaned to keep my mind busy. Trying to see what apps are useful to me so I can get good habits going again. I caught up laundry, cleaned floors, bathroom, changed filters... to name a few things. I really need to keep busy tomorrow to keep the funeral service off my mind since I cannot get anyone to stream it for me so I can participate virtually. So, tomorrow I may finish the sofa and clean the other chairs and couch.... I need to do taxes.... I need to get ready for Saturday as it is my first vendor show with this rebranding out here. I get to see my dear friend and her yummy food truck! I am pretty stoked! I have a Paracon out here booked for October and others for summer to apply for that are indoors. We got to do a set up run through for the yard sale which helped because it gave us a better idea how to get stuff situated LOL - oy

I am excited as my BFF and her fam from PA forerly are going to be here soon in April! Then a possible with an Aunt of mine coming in May, then waiting for DGS mid May (hoping it is Mothers Day weekend)! I just hope I can get better to prepare for all of this excitement!

So, DH and I went to check out a Psychic Fair at a spiritualist church over the weekend. Got a couple of cool jewelry pieces and some new peeps to follow and make connections with. I asked DH if he wanted to go with for a reading and you got to pick who you wanted to read - the one I was drawn to connects to those that passed. Considering my grandma just passed, I wanted to go that direction. DH was hesitant as usual but he went... boy you would never have known that I was the interested one - the whole reading was for him! LOL We barely sat down and didn't even start with the cards before she channeled DH's grandpa's and grandma! DH was in tears and it was something he truly needed to hear as far as the messages go. I got my unicorn of joy that showed up again only I found out it's a girl! DH asked if anyone was watching over his mom and DH's uncle that was also a Marine is going to welcome his mom - so it was totally worth it to have DH hear what he needed to. We continued to cry the whole way home.

Ok my Loves... I am going to stop here for now... the head is pounding and I need to get some old folk cream on the back LOL - I love you - Til later and Blessed Be!


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