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Monday, May 2, 2022

Greetings all! So , in case you noticed, I have been more gone than here recently. I had high hopes that after my knee surgery in December I could FINALLY be on health maintenance. Started 2022 excited, plans moved forward on replacing the floors in the house, repainting walls, got a new dishwasher, TV, furniture... January 2022 was starting out with such a positive note. Then hubs and I got sick - yes with the big C - it was a pretty miserable week. I was disappointed I was starting out using PTO I didn't have, and the family vacation was looking grim. As we recovered, hubs got better then I took a bad slide backwards. After two ER visits just days apart, I had come down with C-pneumonia, partially collapsed lung, viral gastroenteritis, and a missing tooth that got knocked out during knee surgery. Most of January 2022 was the start of my health conundrum... a-fucking-gain... each month something else came up - I nearly lost my job due to untruths from co workers. My motivation for 2022 is crap. I am sure I am not the only one trying to get through 2022 and just try to get things started and moving in a positive manner.

Next are these nails! So yes, these are press ons but underneath are real nails. I have NEVER in my entire 45 years of existence had nails. And when I tried the fake nails, I couldn't stand the length and they either fell off or most often I'd rip them off because I just am not a nail person. So, this is my first real step in reigniting self care for myself. I was working the hair and have decided to keep with the purple. I have gotten so many compliments on this color than on any color I have tried. People young and old, female and male, all have paid some wonderful compliments on my purple hair. So I'm just gonna keep going with it! Next up... reworking makeup... I haven't worn makeup in a long time. I have been working some new clothes but not at the point of being happy with them. But one step at a time.

Stay tuned... so much more to come!!

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