Monday, May 2, 2022

Greetings all! So , in case you noticed, I have been more gone than here recently. I had high hopes that after my knee surgery in December I could FINALLY be on health maintenance. Started 2022 excited, plans moved forward on replacing the floors in the house, repainting walls, got a new dishwasher, TV, furniture... January 2022 was starting out with such a positive note. Then hubs and I got sick - yes with the big C - it was a pretty miserable week. I was disappointed I was starting out using PTO I didn't have, and the family vacation was looking grim. As we recovered, hubs got better then I took a bad slide backwards. After two ER visits just days apart, I had come down with C-pneumonia, partially collapsed lung, viral gastroenteritis, and a missing tooth that got knocked out during knee surgery. Most of January 2022 was the start of my health conundrum... a-fucking-gain... each month something else came up - I nearly lost my job due to untruths from co workers. My motivation for 2022 is crap. I am sure I am not the only one trying to get through 2022 and just try to get things started and moving in a positive manner.