#MondyMonday #TuesdayThoughts May 10, 2022

Monday at the 9to5 left me mentally exhausted! Yes, I know the 9 to 5 is 9to5... it is on purpose! Annnnnddddd then it's Tuesday! Life sidetracked me once again! But that's the thing, I do life. Is there more of life that I want to do? Hell yeah!! So 2022 was to be the traveling year for us. We made big plans for a family RV trip - yes do I dare say Griswold style - to visit some really awesome places and see some folks; take the kids to where they grew up to show their SO's; go to where hubs and I grew up (and yes a must stop at Dari-Dip back there in Portage!) and hit Chicago.... plans were brewing for the next trip up to the Dakotas.