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#MLKMonday January 16, 2023

Greetings my Loves! It's been a nutty week... still sick, hubby getting sick, cleaning, shopping for the baby shower, more doctor appointments... found out Friday that my numbers didn't look good. RBC is down, B12 down, Iron down, d dimer UP... my d dimer almost tripled despite being on blood thinner. It went from 1383 in December to almost 4000 last week. I love my hematologist/oncologist - dude is so direct, straight-forward, almost blunt on stuff BUT I can still get him to laugh. As we were talking about my shitty numbers and him telling me that my body is basically riddled with inflammation, my dumb ass says, if I can tolerate a naproxen, can I take it once a day... now I know better what the fucking answer was - but he's like um you would run a higher risk for internal bleeding... no shit I'm only on a blood thinner... So I look around the room and say, wait where is that rock and hard place at? His response, you're sitting in it LMFAOOOOOOO He's an awesome doc. Hoping that the B12 & iron treatments get the numbers better - otherwise who knows what the next step is. I go on the 20th for my radiation mask mapping and then special MRI after. Then February 1st is suppose to be my radiation treatment. I'll know when I go on the 20th if it is the first for sure. My foot is getting worse and the cyst is growing - affecting my walking but of course I can't have surgery yet due to the blood clots.


Ok, the Birthday craziness has officially ended with my Mom's birthday on the 14th. Now we have the DK's SO's and Grandson coming up! At, least those are spread out! Made some protection sprays today - it has been all I can muster since I cleaned the whole house today. Another day of rain - had to pick up my car from the service center - so I just wanted to write since I hadn't for the last week. Been checking out FB groups and vendor shows upcoming... I need to get that in check this year. Plan family trips back to PA and IN. Of course other places too. Oy, so much to do and get done.... ok I love you all, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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