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#MerryMonday August 8, 2022

I was finally able to secure a picture of my Grandma! I am thrilled to finally have an update and to see her.

Back at work today and I finally feel a little better. Got unexpected news that my neuro provider left... that's kind of important for a patient to know that I would think - but the same place never notified me of my spine provider leaving - not to mention the hospital knocking my tooth out... very disappointed.

Started to get some cool ideas of stuff to do for the store. Trying to see about getting time to call the store fronts to tour them. I also have been checking out the local vendor shows so I can get back on the vendor circuit. Also, checking out other vendor suppliers for some cool stuff...

On a sad note, Olivia Newton John passed away today... I remember watching her when I was little on television.

Speaking of television, I finished Gilmore Girls and am now on the new one - the later years or something like that. So far it has been pretty good! Can relate to a lot of it! I can also relate to "Romy & Michele's High School Reunion" and "Monster-In-Law" - like seriously those movies are my life's past events. Probably why I love those two movies.

Dora is staring me down and whining because she wants to jump on the bed. Crazy mutt.

Ok, til later Loves and Blessed Be!


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