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#MarvelousMonday December 26, 2022

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend! We are almost at the finish line of this family's crazy three months of chaos! I am actually off work today for the company's holiday so I was able to kind of sleep in - about 7 ish before Pandora decided the need to jump up on the bed and lay right at my face to say "Mom time to get up and feed me and my sisters!" Of course, then Anna banana tried to jump up but decided to claw at my arm and back, meanwhile my old lady Clover just barked... and barked and barked... needless to say they four legged fuzzies won and got Mom up.

We had a nice time on Christmas Eve, DD and BF (now fiance) came over, had dinner, opened up gifts. DS and his GF were later as she had to work on the Eve so they opened their gifts later after DD and now soon to be SIL had left for the night. Hubby went out and got a DVD player for me since none of the ones we had worked to play all my Christmas movies. Eventually got through them all and had a pretty relaxing day yesterday. Although hubby was hit with a demotion at work... more to come on that one.

I was able to finally get my 2023 calendars all set up and marked. I am going to work on the accountability part and really pay attention to my days and see what I am actually doing with those hours. As I already look at my day today, it's no wonder I am tired as shit when 2 ish rolls around and I'm not even working the 9to5 today. As usual, I feel like I am not even close to being done with what I wanted to do.

Got store orders caught up - now I just have to wait for the wheels to dry so I can pack those and then get all the orders sent off. I just put a Uline order in and ordered new tables for vendor shows - I have the the new tent just needed new tables. Again on my list of things to do - get vendor shows in order and apply to them. With all the health issues, I found the deed info and will info that i definitely need to get done and submitted... of course gonna need hubby to do it too - just never know.

Updated my journals while I was working the 2023 calendars. Lots of goals and dreams to do - time to really get a move on - especially since we know where we stand with so many "family" members and friends. It's all good, makes things a whole hell of a lot easier for us! Ok I am going to end this for now - enjoy the pic dump... I love you all, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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