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#ManicMonday December 12,2022

Oy - Mondays... I try to keep a more positive frame of mind when it comes to Mondays. Usually a few minutes into work we are all doing the Monday memes LMAO... usually throughout the day we get a meme chain going - today seemed like a really, really busy Monday because not many peeps were talking! Tomorrow I find out how well I did this year at the 9to5... I may have put in my self-evaluation a few times... Employee of the Year wink wink - Employee of the year hint hint... and I recall putting something that I deserve higher than the highest level for a raise - not much above but enough above. I busted some ass this year and I deserve to be compensated. So does my awesome co-worker... I probably put that in my eval also... I mean saving a contract is a pretty big thing! So I'm sure I'll have an update tomorrow - after the end of year celebration that is happening where employees of the year will be announced. To be continued....

DS did well in surgery today - kid just needs to not use cotton swabs... so looking for alternate stuff for him to use. Dental appt for me went well - the driving is another story. These left lane campers annoy the piss out of me - so I used the Fliker finger today. People are such asshats. I literally leave early to make the appt until I get stuck behind left lane campers. And of course they are going one MPH faster than the cars next to them... so I was a little late but still good to go.

It's fucking COLD out! Yes, the desert gets freezing at night! We actually have a freeze warning or watch tonight - it's freezing regardless of a watch or warning status! At any rate we are to be in the 30s in the AM! Got pics of the clouds out by me and they remind me of snow clouds. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

As usual... the creeper managed to make the site again - a little later than usual because they spoofed their phone to show them in Staten Island, NY... then a couple hours later they went back on here with their usual location. They are bumping my numbers up like crazy visiting here - I'll take it! But I once again want to thank everyone who genuinely comes by to read my musings and such, going to my store, etc. You all are awesome!! I couldn't ask for better folks to share my musings with!

Til later, I love you all and Blessed Be!


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