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#MagickalMeaningMonday May 1, 2023

Hello my Loves! So I am thinking Mondays are now going to be called #MagickalMeaningMonday and depending on what is asked in the FB groups - I may go ahead and pick something to research and provide information about. So we are going to start off with the next Sabbat: Beltane.

To start with... Sabbat is simply the change of the seasons. Beltane (May Day) is the time of the return of light. Think of daylight savings time... essentially the middle point between end of spring and the beginning of summer. Celebrations can include lighting bonfires, flowers (April showers bring May flowers), May pole dance, to name a few. This is also a season of fertility, open summer pasture for cattle, and longer, lighter days. This ancient Celtic festival serves as a fire festival. "Beltane" is a combination of sun God "Bel" and "teine" meaning fire in Gaelic. The May Pole dancing signifies fertility - with the many colors of ribbon being intertwined as young men and women danced around the pole.

I hope this helps a little bit! I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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