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#HappyBirthdayBubba December 23, 2022

First a huge shout out - Happy 24th birthday to my Bubba DS!! He was the first to make me a mom and now Ninny! I still cannot believe how time flies! He has grown into a great young man and I am so very proud of him!

It is Christmas Eve Eve LOL - we are having the kids over tomorrow to open gifts and dinner. They all work tomorrow - I on the other hand am not going to do OT - my body just can't take it at this point. I am taking my 3 day weekend - then work three days and off for four days! Then it's fucking 2023... I am in awe every year that passes faster and faster - I look back and tell myself what are you doing? You have a whole list of stuff to do yet and you don't do it. So, next year I have got to keep myself accountable and really work on the things that make me happy. Just have to stay tuned because it is a whole shit ton of stuff I want to roll out.

I am still battling a lot of pain and health stuff - the biggest thing (other than the clots that almost killed me) is pain. I'm sure the weather has a huge part in it since it seems we are in some insanely low temps recently... but I have to get in the mode of walking again - even if it is just once around the block each day. But these bones, muscles, and organs have got to get some more movement going. Again, adding to what I need to get a move on.

Have to make sure to work on the boundaries as my therapist says... especially my work boundaries. I'm getting there... I just need to stop scaring people LOL. But it's me - I can't change me just to please others. I do my job well, I take pride in my work - and well, I get shit done. So at this point, I just have to keep going and doing what I do. It does get tiring having to continually repeat myself to make sure things are working the way they should be. Again, boundaries.

Hubs got me some more carnations - I must be having all kinds of shit energy trying to make it's way to me - I am literally going through carnations like mad crazy!! The energy vampires are out in full force so I have to have my protection around! I really need to get my block up for these energy vampires so I'm not so drained. Something else to add to my list LOL

So the exhaustion is setting in - it's way past my bedtime - I really need to hit the sack! I wanted to get this up before I forgot and just totally passed out. I love you all - Til later and Blessed Be! Enjoy the pics!


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