#FREEDOM July 4th, 2022

It is the 4th of July... we are to celebrate our country's freedom - or at least what is left of it. While moving items back into their places, I came across this signed book about The Capital. It was signed to my great-grandparents who came over from Poland. With all of the division and chaos we all deal with in various ways these days, I tend to wonder what my great grandparents must be thinking of what has become of their "American Dream" for the family. Sure, the different advances with "conventional medicine", technology, peoples' rights, and well, just about every aspect of life today. Some good, some bad. It's now what you make of it. It is up to us, the next generations, to make things better. Not for just one but for all.

I always say no one can appease everyone. It is just not feasible. It is amazing how many have become the "keyboard warriors" as of late. It's much easier to type behind a screen than to actually say it to someone's face - hell, even a video would be better than this typing cowardly shit. Alas, I digress... I am working on the whole catching myself spewing negative crap and redirecting myself toward positive thinking.