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Ahhhh... the weekend is here! I always liked working the night/midnight shift. It's not nearly as busy for the most part but you also don't deal with all of the daytime asshats who are so bitter with life. Now with an actual 9to5 I have to make work adjustments for appointments. Luckily, my company I work for is fantastic about their employees taking care of themselves if they need to do appointments or what have you. I can say at this place, for once, I don't feel guilty if I have to call out because I am sick. In all honesty, this place is gonna have to fire me because I don't plan on leaving. I enjoy what I do, helping patients get their specialty meds. It's a nice change of pharmacy work.

Today was pretty productive at work too. Got some stuff straightened out - renewals done. Overall, not a bad day. Had to go get my B12 shot... I hate driving nearly an hour just to get a shot, but the consequences of not getting it are not fun. Luckily, hubby drove me. I also got all the orders packed up and ready to ship out tomorrow. I have some of the most patient and understanding clients. I appreciate each and every being that helps support my small business. On that note, we are in the works of opening a storefront. We have a lot to do and a ways to go, but just know the wheels are in motion!

So far my goal has been to try and at least get some words in the blog - which I am managing to start - but I really want to get spells and all kinds of info going on the blog. What stones and crystals mean, how to use them, tarot stuff, and so much more! Again, it's in the works. Ok my peeps, I am tired and very sore still. Take care and have a fantastic rest of your Friday! Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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I am not a social media fan... with that said, I do share and post A LOT! Just be aware that I am not all light & love; there is a dark side to life as well so be forewarned - there is going to be... foul language used. If you don't like it, please just scroll past; peanut gallery comments will be removed, you will be blocked. You have been warned!

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