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#EasterSunday April 9, 2023

Blessed Easter to those that celebrate! DD and future SIL stopped by for some Easter grub. Poor kids are working so much to save! I couldn't be more proud of her! She had me worried, scared at times but she is one strong woman!

So I remember growing up, going to Easter mass, heading to family homes and eating like there was no tomorrow. he frilly dresses, ankle socks and strappy shoes. I think I even had some hats that went with the fancy outfits. I remember always just getting baskets - we never really did egg hunts except at our house and it was coins and some small bills. I did the same for my kids growing up (mostly the baskets and egg hunts at home) - although I do have one picture of all of us in "those"outfits.

Ok Loves, I hope you had a wonderful day! I am exhausted and I have visitors tomorrow!!! I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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